Nerd Stats

Release statistics for the Hello Internet, Cortex, and Unmade podcasts


The first Nerd Stat!


The Past

It might seem like Nerd Stats have always been there for the Tims, but really it wasn't until HI #41 that they were first posted, on  June 24, 2015. The Cortex podcast got it's first Nerd Stats a few months later at episode #16. 

Things haven't changed much since the beginning. Some small details have been tweaked, some statistics have come and gone, errors were made and fixed. 

Very soon after the Hello Internet Flag Referendum the /r/PodcastPostcards subreddit was started and tracking of the postcards and votes began. The site was originally hosted on a personal server, but with moving house it was obvious something more permanent was needed. 

At the end of August 2016 Nerd Stats progressed from imgur uploads and an unreliably connected server to this dedicated page at! 


You might ask, "What does the future hold for Nerd Stats?", though you'd probably ask it in a less dramatic way. Well, the answer is "Who knows?!". There are some tweaks that need to be made to the current set up, especially to the Podcast Postcards page. As a lateral expansion to the podcasts i hope to add a timeline of significant Hello Internet events. Vertically i am open to adding statistics about Brady and Grey's youtube channels. In the past i've done some one-off graphs about Grey's relative productivity among the video/blog/podcast categories and would be interested in posting those at times in the future. 

I would also like to make the charts interactive!

If you care to show any support towards the Nerd Stats, i am considering making it possible to make donations. Squarespace isn't expensive, but it isn't free either. And eventually i'd love to have and whoever owns it now is asking 500$ for it.